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Inspirational Christian Posters by Children's Books by Virginia Finnie

Hey Warrior Kids! is a CCBR Top Pick!

It's Time For . . .

The Hey Warrior Kids!

Merry Christmas Bundle - 2013

Our Merry Christmas Bundle for 2013 includes three Hey Warrior Kids! books, each signed by author, Virginia Finnie,

+ 3 bookmarks, and free shipping (continental U.S. only)

All for just $22.00!

Here's what you get . . .

Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor! (Free audio-book download included!)

Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot!

(Free audio-book download included!)

Hey Warrior Kids!

Put On Your Armor! 3-D

(Cool 3-D glasses included!)

A Hey Warrior Kids! bookmark included with each book!

(3 bookmarks with each order.) 

And to make it an extra special gift . . .

Each Hey Warrior Kids! book will be signed by the author, and personalized with the name of the child who will receive it. Just say "sign it for Kaylee" or Nathan, Silas, Kaiden, Logan, Landon (you get the idea, the name of your special little someone). And yes, those are the names of my special little someones!

Place your order now!

Our Christmas Bundle is limited to the first 40 orders. They will go fast, so place your order now! Substitution of Hey Warrior Kids! titles is A-Okay.

And remember to slow way down . . .

Take a deep breath and enjoy this Christmas Season as you reflect on the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

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