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For The Grown-up Warrior Kids!

Hey Warrior Kids! is highlighting two books and study guides by Areon Potter. Mr. Potter is an outstanding teacher and Christian counselor. His books, From Darkness To Light and Psalm 91 The Dweller are excellent resources for learning more about spiritual warfare.

From Darkness To Light

By Areon Potter

This book teaches about Spiritual Warfare in a very balanced way. Biblical examples and references throughout give it credibility. Some of the content may be new and even unsettling but it is the truth according to scripture. I have used From Darkness To Light for teaching purposes and found it to be very useful. - Virginia Finnie

Discover how the forces of darkness scheme against God's people.

Learn the importance of knowing God and what His names reveal.

Discern how to effectively put on the full armor of God.

Protect yourself from the attacks of the enemy through prayer.

Realize how demonic forces oppress Christians.


From Darkness To Light - Study Guide By Areon Potter

A valuable tool to use along with the book. Useful for individual or group study.


Psalm 91 The Dweller

By Areon Potter

The 91st Psalm is a beautifully written passage of scripture that brings much comfort to the reader. Over the years, I have found myself lost in the beauty of the words and missing the meat of the message. In reading Psalm 91 The Dweller, I have learned to look deeper into this beautiful passage of scripture.

Areon shows us in the first three words of Psalm 91:1 "He who dwells" that we have a choice. As believers we can choose to dwell or not to dwell in the shelter of the Most High. The choice we make has far reaching implications on our lives and spiritual walk.

As in Mr. Potter's first book, From Darkness To Light, he again teaches us the importance of knowing the names of God as a way of more fully understanding the attributes of God. In having an understanding of God's names, we then come to know His character in a deeper way, which leads to a deeper trust in Him.

Psalm 91 The Dweller is an excellent follow up to From Darkness To Light, in that it continues teaching about spiritual warfare. - Virginia Finnie

The following quote is from Psalm 91 The Dweller.

"When you need to seek refuge or find yourself in need of a divine rescue, you can make the choice to deliver your soul into the care of the divine Caretaker. When trouble strikes, you have come to a fork in the road. You can choose to take the path that leads to defeat, or you can take the path that leads to the defeat of the enemy."

Psalm 91 The Dweller is not a novel. It is a study of the 91st Psalm and its purpose is to enlighten the reader to the truths that are hidden below the surface of the Psalm.


Psalm 91 The Dweller - Study Guide By Areon Potter

Companion to the book, Psalm 91 The Dweller. Useful for individual and group study.


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