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Imagine Your Are Eight Years Old . . .

You are old enough to know that the world isn’t always a nice place. Sometimes people say and do things that hurt a lot.

You know what it means to be left out. To not be picked for the team. To not be invited to the party.

You feel ashamed by some of the thoughts that just seem to pop into your head uninvited, and then you feel more shame when those thoughts or suggestions lead to an action that you knew was wrong, but you did it anyway.

And so you decide it must be your fault. You blame yourself every time an unkind word stings or you feel left out. Your shame grows with every wrong thought or poor choice.

You often feel afraid and don’t even know why. You might be afraid of the dark or of strange noises in the night.

You decide that the world is a dangerous place and you find ways to protect yourself. You learn to hide who you really are.

You come up with answers to all of the “why” questions about your life. Because you don’t understand and don’t have the right information, the answers you come up with to those questions are incorrect. You then build your life on a foundation of lies because you have never been taught the truth about the life God intended you to have and the opposition you will face.

But what if . . .

When you were eight years old, someone taught you the truth?

What if there is more going on here?

What if you knew you were precious and of great value?

What if you understood that you were loved and claimed before you were ever born?

What if you knew you were never alone?

What if you knew those thoughts might not be yours and that you are good? Not because anyone tells you so, but because God says so, and He created you.

Would it make a difference in your life? Would you have made different choices and looked at the world with different eyes if you had known these truths from the time you were very young?

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hey Warrior Kids! children's books is to empower and equip children to live a life of victory in Jesus Christ. Equipping children with the knowledge and tools provided within the pages of the Bible is essential to countering the culture that impacts every child, every day. Teaching children in a way that is never scary and always biblically based about the battles we all face coming from the enemy, the flesh (the mind, will and emotions) and the world, in a way that can be easily understood and applied has the potential of changing their lives.

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