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. . . And the adventure continues with the second book in the Hey Warrior Kids! series!

Hey Warrior Kids!

Grab Your Slingshot!

Overcome fear with the Word of God!

Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! begins with the retelling of the

story of David and Goliath. Drawing from this beloved story,

kids will learn how to stand up to fear, just like David, by replacing

fearful thoughts and words with Bible verses that speak about

overcoming fear. This isn't "think happy thoughts." This is making

the choice to stand on the Truth. David was able to stand up to

Goliath because he knew God was with him and would give him

the victory. He spoke to the giant as he was running towards him.

When kids grab on to this teaching they go from fearful

to confident and courageous.

Bonus features:

An invitation page, Are You God's Kid?

Nothing will ever be more important than the decision to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. Written in a way children can easily understand, followed with a place for them to write their name declaring, "I am God's kid!"

A Warrior Kid Prayer for Children

A prayer to remind children that God is always with them and is bigger and stronger than anything scary.

Coloring pages to keep the fun going!

Taken from the illustrations within the text,

a great way to reinforce the teaching.

The Reviews Are In . . .

Christian Children'sbook review

Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! by Virginia Finnie is the second book in the Hey Warrior Kids! series. You can read my review of her first book Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor! here.

In this book, the author compares the giant Goliath to the fears that children have. But rather than encourage them to think happy thoughts, she teaches them to speak God's Word to their fears.

 She explains in a very child friendly way that the Bible is our slingshot and the words in the Bible are our smooth stones. When we use this powerful weapon against the giant of fear, we will be more than conquerors.

What I Like: I love how Virginia Finnie writes the way I speak to my children- with excitement, thrill, fun, and as though there is a big secret just waiting to be shared. Both of my children (ages 6 and 2 1/2) were completely engaged for the duration of the book.

Because the author tells the reader that the verses in the Bible are the smooth stones that we use in our slingshot, she gives children easy to remember verses that will help them resist their giant of fear.

What I Dislike: I liked everything about this book.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 3-10 years old

Suzette Ladouceur


This review is copied with permission from the Christian Children's Book Review website. CCBR is an excellent resource for parents looking for quality Christian-based books for their children.

Christian author and clinical psychologist, Corine Williams is the person behind Books by Corine and Teaching Christ's Children Publishing. Hey Warrior Kids! is honored and blessed by the following review of Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! by Dr. Williams.

"As a clinical psychologist, I am often searching for material to use in my therapy sessions with children. I was surprised on so many different levels by Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot!. I initially bought Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! to read to my nieces as a bedtime story. However, I quickly realized that it was packed with a lot of powerful information.

Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! retells the story of David and Goliath in a way that children can understand. However, it does not stop there. The author helps children to apply the story of David and Goliath to their lives by explaining how every child has a slingshot (the Bible) and smooth stones (bible verses). This book also teaches children how their thoughts can overcome fears (and other life circumstances). The book ends by walking children through a personal example (feeling afraid at night).

I am planning on using this book in my therapy sessions to help teach children the importance of meditating on God's Word; remembering what God says about them and not what a bully says; the importance of your thoughts (CBT); how to handle fear; and how as Christians we do not have to be afraid of anything because God is bigger. I am looking forward to seeing what is next in the Hey Warrior Kids! series."

Shared with permission.

To find out more about Corine Williams visit her website @ Books by Corine. 

Little Slingshots Whirring And

Big Giants Falling . . .

"In Grab Your Slingshot, Virginia Finnie has provided parents a valuable tool to share with their kids: one of the epic biblical narratives, that of David and Goliath. She has also provided a tool for kids to realize that they too can be giant-killers in their world, just as David was. What a powerful way to offset the mixed and skewed messages they receive every day of their lives in almost every arena of their lives. I can almost hear little slingshots whirring and big giants falling as the truths of this book affect the lives of many children, transforming them into Warrior Kids!"

Dr. Jeff Voth,

Founder and President of Cavetime

Author of Cavetime:

God's Plan for Man's Escape from

Life's Assualts

A Child-Friendly Read

Are today's children ready for the challenges they have to face? Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! by Virginia Finnie is an exciting story that teaches the importance of overcoming fear, standing strong, and trusting God to help lead the way. Kids will enjoy the story of David and Goliath while learning how great it is to be one of God's children,and to use the Bible and God's Word to overcome the giant of fear. A child-friendly read with a life-long lesson!

Lisa A. Tortorello

Author and Teacher

God Is Bigger!

An amazing story that helps teach children that no matter how big our problems are, our God is bigger! And when we use our slingshot - the Word of God - we don't have to be afraid of anything!

Kelly Hagen, Author

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