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Join The Adventure . . .

Hey Warrior Kids!

Put On Your Armor!

Kids Need Armor Too!

God’s Armor protects you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet (toes included). Guard your mind with the Helmet of Salvation, your heart with the Breastplate of Righteousness, and put on your Shoes of Peace. Prepare for battle with your Belt of Truth on, your Shield of Faith up, and your Sword of the Spirit drawn! Now you are ready to stand!

Bonus features!

An invitation page - Are You God's Kid?

Nothing will ever be more important than the decision to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. Written in a way children can easily understand, followed with a place for them to write their name declaring, "I am God's kid!"

An Armor of God Prayer for Children

An excellent tool kids can use to pray aloud daily to put on their Armor, preparing them for whatever comes their way.

Coloring pages to keep the fun going!

Taken from the illustrations within the text,

a great way to reinforce the teaching.

Based on Ephesians 6:13-18.

The Reviews Are In . . .

Christian Children's book review

Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor! by Virginia Finnie and illustrated by Jeff Elliott is a delightful little book. It teaches children, in the most simple yet entertaining way, about each of the pieces in the spiritual armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:13-18. Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor! can be used as either a story to sit and read with your child or as a devotional that can broken up and used daily for deeper learning.

I really appreciate the illustrations being completely child friendly. When dealing with spiritual armor, illustrations can sometimes be scary, but in this case the illustrations show the child that God has clothed him so he can face his own life undefeated.

What I Like: My favorite aspect of the book is how it is written. Everything is written and worded exactly how I speak to my children- with excitement, joy, and in normal everyday language. Here is a small excerpt:

"Guess what?

I have some fantastic, unbelievable, totally awesome, over-the-top, out-of-this-world news for you!

What's the news already?

Okay, here it is.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you're ready?

The news is......."

I'll let you wonder what the news is.

Since this is how I talk to my children, reading this book was a lot of fun. I saw this book as a script to read as I shared a very important spiritual lesson with my children in a way that captured their attention.

I also loved the child's level plan of salvation at the end of the book. It is written in terms that children can understand and relate to.

What I Dislike: I liked everything about this book.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 5-10 years old

Suzette Ladouceur


This review is copied with permission from the Christian Children's Book Review website. CCBR is an excellent resource for parents looking for quality Christian-based books for their children. 

God's Armor

Is For Children Too!

Kelly Hagen, Author

Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor! by Virginia Finnie is a great children's book that lets kids know that God's Armor isn't just for adults. God wants everyone, young and old, to put on His Armor so we can stand firm. It's written in an exciting easy way that children will enjoy and understand.

Amazing Book!

I can't tell you how excited I am to give my kids your wonderful book. The message is exactly what I am always trying to get across. I plan on asking my kids every day if they have on their armor. Thanks for writing this amazing book! Love it!

Tami Yeske - Mom & Sunday School Teacher

Spiritual Armor for Kids!

Areon Potter, Author and Christian Counselor

The last chapter of the book of Ephesians makes reference to the spiritual conflict that is levied against believers. Although Paul's admonition is available for all to read, it is all too often played down or ignored by the Christian community. The battle described is not with flesh and blood, but is executed by spiritual beings whose commission involves stealing, killing, and destroying the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Unfortunately, not all Christian adults have been sufficiently taught the ramification of dealing with their spiritual enemies. As a result, our youth have even less exposure to the truth concerning spiritual warfare and rarely, if ever, experience the reality of learning that they can utilize Biblical protection against an invisible enemy dedicated to their destruction. The result of this lack of knowledge can have long-term, devastating results.

Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor! addresses putting on the Armor of God in a format that will introduce Christian kids to the subject on a level and in a manner that is easy to digest while upholding the truth of Scripture.

A Must Read!

Shirley Morrow, Author

Parents are always concerned about how they can protect their children from the many dangers of today's society. In her book, Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor!, Mrs. Virginia Finnie offers a wonderfully written and educational story about how children can defend themselves by using the armor God has provided for them. What better way to protect our children than educating them on how to be a soldier for God?

Educational and Fun Wrapped in One!

Lisa Tortorello, Author and Teacher

Author Virginia Finnie takes an important Christian message in her story Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor! and makes it both understandable and fun for children! Finnie explains how easy it is for children to be protected by God by putting on their armor each day. One of my favorite armor parts is the Belt of Truth. How great it would be for young people to go out each day better prepared for the world they face. If children learn early on that God is there to protect them in all they do, as they get older and peer pressure mounts, they can hopefully find the courage through their faith to stand up for what is right...even when no one is looking.

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